Thursday, 26 February 2015

Two Tier Flower Cake

I decided to make a birthday cake for my Nan as it was her 65th birthday. I had wanted some experience with making birthday cakes anyway and thought it would be a good excuse to have ago. 
I had to think about what theme and colours to use and did a couple of drawings to plan it out. I also had to write down a list of things that I would need to make it - This gave me an idea of how much everything was going to cost. I wouldn't recommend making a cake unless you are willing to pay for everything you will need. The ingredients and equipment can be quite pricey which is why I made a list to give me a rough idea. 

I used a Victoria sponge cake recipe to make the cake. I cooked the cake in a 6inch cake tin and 10inch cake tin. For the 6inch tin I made the same amount of mixture that would be made when creating a Victoria sponge cake using 2x 20cm cake tins. I used triple the amount of mixture when using the 10inch cake tin. 

When the cakes had cooled down, I cut the tops off both the 6inch and 10inch cakes with a cake leveller to flatten them. I then cut both cakes through the middle like you would on a Victoria sponge cake and put a thin layer of butter icing and jam in the middle. I also put butter icing around the sides and top of the cakes to help the fondant stick to it when decorating.   

To decorate the cakes I used fondant icing, flower cutters, ribbon, cake boards and flower wires for cakes. 
I had to make the flowers a day before I made the cake as they take such a long time to make and set. I made these using fondant icing, flower cutters, the end of a paint brush for detail, and a sausage/pineapple and cheese stick to add detail. 
I used a teal colour fondant icing for the 10inch cake which I bought from a cake supply shop before, and I used a white fondant for the 6inch cake which was purchased from a local supermarket. 
I rolled out the fondant for the 6inch cake and placed it onto the cake. I then did the same for the 10inch cake, only using a different colour fondant. I used icing sugar to stop the fondant from sticking to the surface area. 
I then transferred the cakes onto their cake boards. I placed the 6inch cake on top of the 10inch cake in the centre of it. I put a black ribbon around the 6inch cake for decoration. To finish the cake off, I started to decorate it by arranging all of the flowers.

This is just a brief write up of how I made the cake overall. I didn't go into much detail as the blog post would have been too long. If you would like me to write blog posts on how I made the cake in more detail then just let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. This was my first attempt at making a birthday cake so sorry if you didn't find it that useful. 


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