My names Lauren, I have a passion for photography, film and cooking, and I am currently working towards improving my artistic skills within these areas.
I decided to start up my own blog as I feel it would be a great way to document and share my ideas and skills. I like the thought that over time I will be able to look back on different things that I have done, hopefully seeing how my progression has developed. The blogs that I create will be for FUN as I am still learning and want to use the blogs to help document my experimentation. I want to also use the blogs as a guide for myself - to remember different recipes, techniques I have learnt, etc... I think it will help me with remembering things as well as improve (there's always room for improvement).
I feel that there are similar resemblances between writing blogs and journals/diary's as the writer shares their personal opinions and feelings about anything they choose to talk about. Throughout my blogs I will be writing about my opinions and feelings towards things. I will also be trying out new ideas that I may have come up with. There might be things I write about that not everyone will like. This is all just a learning process for me, everything I do I will be an experiment of some sort. I am no professional and as I've previously said this is all just for fun!
I enjoy reading other peoples blogs as I like to see their different perspectives. I find what other people blog inspiring as I feel you learn a lot from other people. I hope that over time my blogs may inspire other people, or maybe give the reader some sort of enjoyment. 
I love new opportunities and am looking forward to sharing my experiences throughout my own personal journey on my blogs. :)

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