Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Elephant Christening | Cakes

It has been a very long time since I have posted a blogpost. I want to use my blog as a way of documenting my cake making journey. I am learning new cake making skills everytime I make a cake (I don't think you ever stop learning really).

Recently, I was asked to create a christening cake for a little boy. I was sent an image of an idea they had in mind as a guide to work from. I always try to put my own twist on pictures of cakes I am sent (which I did for this cake) as I don't like to copy others work. I'd rather come up with my own original ideas.

The cake was a two tiered Victoria sponge cake with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream in the middle. I used a 6" round cake tin for the top tier and an 8" round cake tin for the bottom tier. I covered the sponge cakes with a vanilla buttercream I made for both of the tiers. Firstly, I crumb coated the sponges, and then added a thicker second coating of buttercream using a bench scraper and turn table to help achieve the ideal shape. 

Once the buttercream had set on both cakes, I rolled out some white fondant icing and cut it to the sizes that would cover the cakes. I then drooped the fondant over both cakes using a rolling pin. Using a fondant smoother, I went around the sides and top trying to get any marks out of the fondant. I also tried making the corners of the cake sharp using the fondant smoothers. When I finished with the fondant, I started adding all the decoration to the cake. I made the models a day before to give them time to harden. All of the decoration (besides the piping) was made from sugar paste, using colouring gels to colour and paint them. I also piped royal icing around the bottom of the cakes to make a beaded pearl effect border.

I was pleased with the overall finish of the cake and the little boy's family seemed to be very happy when they picked the cake up. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. :)

Lauren xoxo

Monday, 22 February 2016

Winnie The Pooh Theme | Cakes

My interest in cake making and decorating has started to grow rapidly since the last time I posted on my blog. The past couple of months have made me recognise that I would definitely LOVE to pursue this as it is very clear to me that this is what I want to do. 

I'm extremely happy that things are starting to fall into place for me. Going back half a year ago, I felt lost with no ideas of what I wanted to do with my career, having no ambition or drive, it wasn't the greatest of places to be in. I am so excited for the plans ahead with my cake making and decorating, and will be working on my skills in every way that I can to help improve them as it is something I feel strongly passionate about. 

My Nan and Auntie had a joint meal to celebrate both of their birthday's as they were so close together. I decided to make a joint birthday cake for them as it made more sense being there were only ten of us at the meal. I knew that they both love Disney and my Auntie's favourite character is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. This lead to the idea of making a Winnie the Pooh themed birthday cake. The theme/colours of the cake were also based around their personalities (girly, cute, happy and caring). 

The cake itself was a three layer Victoria sponge with a butter cream and strawberry jam filling inside. I then covered the cake and cake board with a fondant icing that I coloured myself to try and resemble grass. The figures of Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore are made from fondant icing that I coloured and hand sculpted myself. I made the bunting from fondant, wooden skewers, and flower wire. All decoration on the cake I hand sculptured myself from fondant icing. 

I hope you liked looking through the pictures and enjoyed reading what I wrote about the cake making and decorating. If you would like to know more about it or have any questions you would like to ask then feel free to leave a comment below. :)

Lauren xoxo 

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