Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Movie Marathon

Do you ever feel every now and then its sometimes nice to have a day of doing nothing? (I know I do!) It can be nice to just snuggle up under a duvet and watch loads of movies. On days like this I often tend to have movie marathons where I constantly watch one film after the other for the whole day. 

I normally like to snack on things while watching the movies. A couple of my favourite movie treats used to be popcorn, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Fruittellas, Maltesers and Minstrels. However, as I've started eating healthier recently I no longer have these as treats, (although they do taste great). My favourite healthier alternative treats are popcorn (that I make myself), or a bowl of mixed fruits with a small amount of agave nectar. (What are your favourite movie treats?)

To give myself a variation, I often pick a couple of movies within different genres. I will usually chose a Romance, Action, Adventure, Coming of Age, Drama or Musical. Most of the films will consist of more than one genre within the ones that I listed. My favourite genres though are Action, Adventure and Romance. I am not a big fan of horrors; they are not something I would particularly choose to watch when I am on my own. However, I don't seem to mind watching them as much when I am with other people, (is that just me or?).

There are a couple of movies that I have really been loving recently. (I sometimes struggle to find good new films that I really enjoy to watch.) My recommendations will be based around my favourite genres that I listed in the previous paragraph (so sorry if those particular genres aren't your cup of tea). 

 Love, Rosie                                                       Divergent



 The Fault In Our Stars                                            How I Live Now

I hope you've enjoyed reading my blogpost, and I hope it has been useful in someway. I've only given recommendations of things I have personally liked myself (so they may not appeal to you whatsoever). If you did try watching any of my recommendations, or you have ideas of films you feel I may like, I would love to hear about it all in the comments below. :)


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